Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Clean Out Your Refrigerator on How Does She

Check out my article on How Does She today on cleaning out your fridge.    It was pretty disgusting and I am embarrassed but I also didn't have a refrigerator light for 3 years. (and it wasn't just a quick light bulb change)  When Brent finally got the part and fixed the light it was a Christmas miracle.  But then I saw the mess and couldn't avoid it anymore.  My goal is to clean my fridge every month now.  How many times do you clean yours?  

We have always eaten pretty healthy but it is important for me to have healthy snacks and meals because I am also on the go.  Check out the post for more ideas.

Check out my post and learn how to make your fridge sparkling clean.

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Oh my God, thank you so much. I have been wanting to clean my fridge for quite a while now. Its almost smelling now. This was really helpful for me. Great post !!