Sunday, January 22, 2017

Top 5 Mütze's of 2016

1. Wool Berlin with faux fur Pom 

2016 was one of my favorite knitting years. I have been putting fur Pom poms on my knit hats for about 5 years. But this year the faux fur Pom poms have been perfected. So perfected that they are very hard to order and keep in stock. This camel yarn is cascade wool and it's not even that itchy. It's so wonderful to knit with. And the camel color is rich and can go with any outfit. 

2. Coral and Orange

These colors surprised me. When I'm knitting I put a lot of yarn around me for inspiration. These 2 colors really stuck out to me so I started putting them together and everyone loved it. These hats are made with alpaca yarn. They are super soft and warm. I love adding tassels to baby hats. 

3. Alpaca headbands

I've been making headbands for a long time and every year they sell out. I can't make enough. They are a great deal and only cost $15. I have found that a lot of women don't think they look great in hats so this is a great alternative. And it's warm because of the alpaca wool. 

4. Mommy and Baby Mütze's 

This year I started buying yarn from Wool and the Gang. This is the big and sexy wool in moss. It was such a popular color. I knit the adult Berlin Mütze and then with the left over yarn I knit a baby Mütze. 

5. Bavarian Bonnet

The adult and baby Bavarian bonnets are always a must have. They are great for adults with short hair because it sits back a little further on your head so it shows more hair.  It's very warm and great for a cold night on the town. 
I love seeing new born pictures in the pixie bonnet. It's just so sweet. 


What was your favorite Mütze in 2016? 


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