Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home.
My husband and me have lived in Las Vegas for 10 years.  When we were looking for a new home last year we knew we wanted to find an older home and remodel it.  I am originally from Idaho and he is from the Bay Area.    If anybody is from Vegas you know how hard it is to find a custom home because most homes are tract homes and all look alike.  We moved to Henderson about 4 years ago and started looking.  There was really not much out there until we found this home built in 1980.  When I first walked through the home the popcorn ceilings weren't the only thing I was worried about.  But my husband actually loved it and asked if I wanted to fix it up.
 I agreed and the remodel started last August.
 I have to admit it has been so much fun and I have really loved every minute.   We didn't have a lot of money so I started on the down stairs first and the upstairs will have to wait.
Here are some before and after pictures.
More to come later.

Taking down this wall and opening the kitchen was very exciting.  The whole house felt more alive.

My girlfriend put Caesar Stone in her kitchen about 7 years ago.  I loved it so much I knew I wanted it in my next house.  We were going to do the Frosty Carrina but I was nervous it was going to be too yellow.  London grey was also an option but it was still not white enough.  So we did the organic white.  My kitchen needed to be really white and bright because it is an alley kitchen in the middle of the house and there is not a lot of natural light.
Everyone asked me why I did Caesar Stone over Granite.  To be honest it was the look.  I liked the marble look but couldn't afford it.  So this was the next best thing for me.  Caesar Stone basically has no maintenance.  You just have to keep them clean.  And you don't have to use a sealer on Caesar Stone.  It was also a great price.  
These steps had to go. 

We took down the banister and added two long steps into the family room
This window was actually the back of the house before the previous owners added a living room addition.  I wanted to knock it out and open the kitchen up but it is a baring wall so it wasn't in the budget.  Instead I kept the wall and added the floating shelves.  I am in love with them.
I am obsessed with my knobs from
They could be my favorite part of the new kitchen.

Stools from World Market for under $100 each.

My husband bought this new GE Profile double oven on Craig's list for $700.  We got so lucky.  
Light fixtures from West Elm.
We still need to get a counter depth refrigerator.  



Darleen said...

Its amazing what a little paint and hardwood floors will do to a house. So clean and beautiful. My favorite part is your brass hardware.

Stephanie Brough said...

You guys have done such a beautiful job. Love, love, love the white!

Mary Pablate said...

Also check this as well!